Boys & Reading

Boys & Reading

Boys & Reading is probably different from anything you’ve tried before to help your boy because it explains how to talk to him about his reading, and how to inspire him to work with you to improve his reading before you start.

This sets up a stress-free situation for both of you from the outset, which is a major key to your success. From there, it explains step-by-step exactly how to help him learn to read, or overcome reading difficulties for good.

This easy-to-follow process suits any boy, no matter how oppositional he is to reading at the moment. If your boy ‘hates’ reading, and you find it impossible to get him anywhere near a book, I hope you’ll give it a try!

The process:

  • Uses a positive approach to engaging boys. This will build your boy’s initial interest in working with you and keep him motivated all the way.
  • Takes just 10 minutes a day. Even better, they are 10 FUN minutes.
  • Is explained with clear step by step instructions. These are quick to read, in an easy to follow, day by day format.
  • Shows you how to teach reading. Short, easy to understand explanations along the way present all the information you need as you need it.
  • Uses valuable assessment tools that are included. These show you how to find your son’s true level of reading comprehension and decoding.
  • Uses appropriate mini-goals to suit your son’s level of reading. This ensures that he will be successful, and progress as fast as he possibly can.
  • Includes enough material to keep developing his reading skills for as long as you want. However, you are guaranteed to see significant improvement within 2 months.
books for boys
books for boys


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